2008 - 2024 started as a fun project to let me see my security cameras on the web. It became clear after a few years that it wasn't working out as big hit business but we had some loyal customers and the project fit for them. Our customers were mainly like us, DIY folks who also wanted to see their cameras on the web.

The main lesson I learned, was not to start a business unless your heart is in it. With it was a fun project, but it wasn't my passion. I wasn't hungry to make it a success.

One of the best things about was working with smart and fun people. We had a great team. In a way, was my (virtual) clubhouse for about 14 years. Thanks to everyone who hung out with me. Hopefully our paths will continue to cross in the future. I hope we can keep meeting and scheming for years to come.

See you on the interwebs!