Tuning Foscam FI8910W FTP Settings

The Foscam FI8910W is the new model from Foscam with an IR Cut so the color of the daytime images are true to life. This is a nice improvement over the previous Foscam night vision models like the FI8918W. (BTW, why does the newer model have a lower model number?)

To use this camera with Sensr.net we recommend that you set the camera to upload jpegs at 1 frame per second. Navigate to the FTP Service Settings page on your FI8910W, which looks like this:

Foscam FI8910W FTP Settings

Note the 1 second interval

Fill in the FTP Server, FTP User, and FTP Password with the values you get when adding your camera to Sensr.net.  The default values for FTP Upload Folder and FTP Mode are fine.  Make sure to select Upload Image Now and use 1 for the Upload Interval.

With these settings, your camera will send Sensr.net a frame per second.  This will allow you to see a live view on the Sensr.net site without having to configure your firewall at all.  We’ll also store images when we detect motion.  This will allow you to go back in time to see what happened earlier in the day, last week or earlier in the month.

By having the motion detection enabled on the Sensr.net side, we’ll still only store the interesting bits.  This clip shows me walking around at about one pace per second and the Foscam settings are set as shown above.

Other Tips

Set DNS Server if you’re using a static IP address for your camera, make sure you set the DNS Server in the Basic Network Settings page.  Here’s an example where the DNS Server is set to, which is the DNS Server for our Comcast Broadband connection.  If you don’t know your DNS server, you can use Google’s Public DNS Service by putting in or use which is provided by OpenDNS.

Foscam FI8910W Basic Network Settings

Foscam FI8910W Basic Network Settings

Don’t Arm Motion Detection on the camera.  This conflicts with the upload per second we’re recommending above.   If you’re using the recommended settings, your Alarm Service Settings should look like this:

Foscam FI8910W Alarm Service Settings

Foscam FI8910W Alarm Service Settings

If you have problems getting your Foscam FI8910W working on Sensr.net, send us email, info at sensr.net, and we’ll give you a hand.

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9 Responses to Tuning Foscam FI8910W FTP Settings

  1. You actually can upload a picture a second with the normal FTP-Settings also. It’s just not as obvious as with other user interfaces. When you are in the FTP menu as shown in your first screenshot, just click on “Upload image now”. Then the same interval counter appears as in the second screenshot. You can now enter 1 to make the FI9810W upload a picture a second to sensr.net .

    But I prefer your way. Why? Because of bandwith usage. The Sensr-Liveview may be less interesting, but you’re wasting a lot less of your upload bandwith. I recently discovered, that my Axis IP Cam uses constantly about 450 kBit/s in HTTP-push mode (less frame drops) or 250 kBit/s in passive FTP-mode . I have an ADSL2+ connection with 1 MBit/s upstream – so my security recording doesn’t disrupt other services as VoIP and I don’t have to care about QoS-Setting in my router. But if you have a slower upstream connection, it’s much smarter to turn the cameras built in motion detection on and have it decide whether to upload an image or not.

    The price for this bandwith saving is a higher rate of frame drops because the cameras motion detection algorithm lag. But if your not in some intelligence service with the need of continous motion detection, this shouldn’t bother you a lot. It doesn’t matter if you can present the police 20 or “only” 10 pictures of a burglar via sensr.net. You need only one good shot.

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  3. G B says:

    The latest firmware fixes a lot of web interface garbage. I just did the system update and the web UI update and things are better – they even corrected the ‘sensibility’ typo.

  4. van says:


    Im planning to buy 3 of this. I have few questions, hope you could help me out
    or email me for more queries.

    1. im planning to use this foscam as a motion detect camera that will send out pictures on my email. How many pictures does it sends out when a motion is detected?

    2. Can i use gmail smtp for this?

    3. i dont have ftp server and paid subscription is not an option, are there any free storage online that i can use?

    4. im still confuse about the DNS server as i have dynamic internet connection. Planning to use it with NO-IP as it offers free. How can i access my camera once i configured NO-IP? Lets say i have the domain/ip already of van.no-ip.com, how can i access my cameras IP address?

    would it be like http://van.no-ip.com/ipaddress again?:PORT number? is this right?
    hope you could help me decide.

    and is this a good choice of camera? im thinking of getting the 720p w/ sd storage but its expensive and not on my budget.

    thanks so much! :)

  5. van says:

    also, can i mount it on ceiling? does it comes with screws etc.. :)

  6. Bernie Mills says:

    i have a foscam FI9820W and cannot connect to your ftp services.

    i have an old isp which i dont plan to use any more which the camera connects to fine so i am confident that dns is working and the camera can normally upload images through my network.

    i would very much like to use your service but am loosing the will to live while fiddling with ftp settings to try and get it to work.

    Have you tested sensr.net with this camera?

    Benrie Mills

    • adam says:

      Don’t loose the will to live! Wasn’t that one of David Letterman’s old catch phrases?

      Anyway, we don’t have this camera. I would recommend contacting Focsam.us support. I’ve heard they do a good job. It would be great to know if it works with Sensr.net. It’s a pretty new camera, so there may still be bugs in the firmware.

      Please let us know if you get it working or have some tips to share.